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Coating equipment is widely used in the application of moisture-proof coating to products such as electronic automobile components, printed circuit boards used in power stations, fire alarms, power meters, and outside air-conditioning units.
Such devices are all used in harsh operating environments and require a high degree of reliability.

Example Coating both sides of PCB 2 nozzles Example Coating both sides of PCB 2 nozzles Coating samles 8mm and 10mm


Uniform coating

Our engineers employ two strategies to ensure that our film coating is applied evenly.
and then circulated in a pump unit to keep the temperature constant.

Nozzle flexibility

Units can accommodate both film and jet type nozzles, as shown in the figure on the right.
Nozzle flexibility


We can meet the customer’s requests related to specifications that include double-sided coating, tilting,double heads, masking, terracing (automatic or manual), barcode reading, pieces with distinctive shapes, server connections, safety requirements, use of specific equipment, and use in combination with a dryer.

Moisture-proof coating

We have extensive experience with a variety of products, such as Humiseal, Elepcoat,tuffy, and Fluoro coat.

Compact pump unit

It is important to control viscosity and temperature to ensure even application of film.
Earlier circulation pumps designed for this function were 800 mm wide, 610 mm deep,and 1150 mm high.
At present, our latest pump unit is more compact and located under the coating mechanism to save space.
Compact pump unit

Examples of Product Development

Welding, Pottery, and Hardening machine
Welding, Pottery, and Hardening machine Description Applies and dries a moisture-proof coating to both sides of a PCB.
The unit is compact since the pump is located under the coating mechanism.
Since the drying temperature is as low as 40°C, we encased the drying furnace with transparent, static-resistant PET.
No pallets necessary.
Nozzle type Film
Drying temperature 40°C
Drying time 10 min
PCB size 80 x 80mm-330 x 250 mm, t 1.2-1.6
Cycle time 60 seconds
Dimensions Width: 250 mm, Depth: 1200 mm, Height: 1750 mm
Double-side Coating Unit (double head, masking) and Dryer
Double-side Coating Unit (double head, masking) and Dryer Description A coating machine with a variety of features:
  • Paints both sides.
  • To reduce cycle time, one robot maneuvers two heads at once, coating two pieces simultaneously.
  • To avoid areas where coating is not desired, a masking apparatus is mounted before coating on one side and removed afterwards.
  • Drying is with an elevator type dryer.
  • Automatic setup.
Nozzle type Film
Pallet size 390 x 240 x 65 mm
Cycle time 20 seconds
Dimensions Width: 1600 mm, Depth: 4000 mm, Height: 1500 mm
Jet Dispenser Coating Unit and Dryer
Jet Dispenser Coating Unit and Dryer Description Combination painter and dryer.
Nozzle type Jet
PCB size 330 x 80mm-250 x 80 mm, t 1.2-1.6
Cycle time 120 seconds
(coating unit)
Width: 850 mm, Depth: 800 mm, Height: 1600 mm
Width: 700 mm, Depth: 1730 mm, Height: 1100 mm
Simple Coating Unit and Dryer
Simple Coating Unit and Dryer Description Coats one side of a PCB supplied from a loader and sends it to a dryer.
The dryer is a custom-built elevator type unit.
Dried pieces are transferred to an unloader.
Nozzle type Film
PCB size 100 x 100mm – 330 x 250 mm, t 1.2 – 1.6
Cycle time 60 seconds
Dimensions Width: 1050 mm, Depth: 700 mm, Height: 1640 mm

About Sample Creation

We will gladly provide coating samples upon receiving the coating material, dilution liquid, work piece, and coating requirements.
Afterwards, we have the customer review the completed piece and a video presentation, then proceed with discussions.
Please contact us anytime if you would like to trial our products.