Privacy Policy

AITEC Co., Ltd. complies with all laws and regulations related to personal information and handles personal information appropriately based on the below policies.
(Note: This is a translation. In the event of a dispute, the content of the Japanese language version of this Privacy Policy shall take precedence.)


With reasonable safety protection measures, we will do our best to protect from the risks of access, loss,destruction, manipulation and leakage, etc., the personal information of our customers that we have obtained at the time of registration, such personal information as name, address, company name, telephone numbers, e-mail address, etc.


With the exception of the situations given below, such information will never be disclosed to any third party.
When we have received official requests from public agencies, such as the courts and the police, etc., for information disclosure, based on laws.
When we have obtained the personal consent of the customer concerned regarding his/her information disclosure and sharing.
When there is urgent need, as in the case of an imminent danger to human life, body and property, etc.

Changes and deletions

If you wish to make inquiries,changes or deletions pertaining to your personal information, please contact AITEC Co., Lte.

The scope of application

This Privacy Policy is only applicable to the website of AITEC Co., Ltd.
It is not applicable to its homepage accessed by links.
Moreover, when there are changes in this Privacy Policy, we will revise and bring this homepage up to date.

If you have a request or questions regarding our handling of your personal information, please contact us at the below email address.

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