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We consider temperature-related equipment to be our specialty.
In response to customer requests, we have manufactured a variety of dryers, hardening furnaces, and low-temperature chambers.
We not only make simple furnaces, but also frequently combine them with low- and high-temperature testers and coating machines.

Types of chamber

Elevator type Flat type Turntable type
Elevator type Flat type Turntable type

Turntable type Examples

Model Photo Summary
AI-351AA AI-351AA Turntable-type Low-temperature Chamber
Cools manually inserted work pieces for 60 minutes that can then be manually removed one at a time.
Temperature: -40C
Cooling time: 60 minutes
Work piece size: 100 x 100 x 25 mm
Cycle time: 26 seconds
Continuous operation time: 1Week
Dimensions: Width: 880 mm, Depth: 880 mm, Height: 1900 mm
Dimensions of refrigeration unit: Width: 760 mm, Depth: 610 mm, Height: 1420 mm